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Carmel Quarry

Tonight I was waiting for the sun to set and head out to capture the transition. I had an area I wanted to fly in, but there seemed to be a wedding so I decided not to fly around the party. 

I headed down the road a little more, and started turning off onto roads which looked like they may lead to mystery, and found the Carmel Quarry. Some dirt paths lead to an area, where cement trucks drop their loads or fill up.  

The nice part about this area, there are some high grounds, and it seemed as if no one was around. I am not sure if I was even supposed to be in this location, but oh well.

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Sketching Video

Quick sketch from last night, I wasn’t too happy with the way things were heading. Another note, Mischief is almost now my go to sketching application. It’s so fast and fluid, you really can’t ask for more.

If you haven't tried this application you should. I prefer Mischief over Sketchbook Pro.

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